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Mastering Shoutcast Connectivity for Second Life Streams: A Comprehensive Guide

Expand your gameplay in Second Life by streaming audio while playing. Enjoy another dimension in Second Life by sharing your music to other players and let them know the sophisticated tastes you have. Attract fans and host musical concerts by steaming music as you play. This article will explain shoutcast second life music streams and how to get a music url for second life.

How to Setup Second Life Streams

Streaming music to Second Life can be difficult to new players and beginners as it involves some technical aspect. Fortunately, Shoutcast simplifies the process but it still needs a  couple of adjustments to work.

So how does Shoutcast stream music to Second Life? If you own a parcel of land in Second Life you can stream music to visitors in your land. This is done by configuring a Music URL that is specific to your land. The format of the Music URL can be MPEG (.mp2 or mp3) and  Ogg Vorbis (.ogg).

For players who want to stream their music live in Second Life or for music enthusiast or musicians, this can be done through a live stream via Shoutcast.

How to Live Stream Music

Live streaming music in Second Life is popular among musicians and music enthusiast and there is a whole community dedicated to hosting live music streaming in Second Life. Second Life allows players to share their music live with an audience. There are players in Second Life who create and run dedicated music halls and venues for players to share their music.

What is Shoutcast?

Shoutcast allows you to stream your music from a computer or a server and streams into Secondlife. Shoutcast by definition is the streaming source client that processes audio input from a software or device and then encodes it into a media stream that is then uploaded for streaming in a server or to Secondlife.

The music source that is the input for audio can be from Windows Media Player, iTunes or a popular combination for Shoutcast is Winamp. The music input can also be directly from hardware like microphones or even a sound mixer for DJs.

Shoutcast has a plugin for Winamp that allows it to seamlessly transmit data from Winamp to the Shoutcast client.

Steps for Streaming Music

Here are the steps if you want to stream music to your own land or a venue where you have permission to stream

  1. Go to your own land or join a group that owns a land
  2. Open the “About Land” Panel
  3. Open World
  4. Open the Sound Tab
  5. Enter the Music URL in the URL bar
  6. Streaming has started in your land

Steps for Shoutcast Second Life Music Streams

  1. Go to Shoutcast and register an account
  2. Prepare your broadcaster. The broadcaster could be the Shoutcast plug-in or Winamp
  3. Prepare your playlist in the Shoutcast plug-in
  4. Get the stream URL
  5. If you’re on your own land, open the about land or if your on a music venue on someone else’s land give the stream URL to the owner of that land
  6. Open “About Land”
  7. Click World and open the sound tab
  8. Enter the stream URL

The Winamp and Shoutcast DSP plugin is the popular choice for beginners who want to stream music in their land or to an audience. Get more fans and enjoy another dimension of gameplay in Second Life by sharing your musical taste.

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