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Radio Host: 10 Ways to be Extraordinary

Top 10 different ways to be an extraordinary radio host to improve your bond with your listeners and sound incredible on the radio.

10 Ways to be an Extraordinary Radio Host

Who needs to tune in to an exhausting individual? You need to be a motivating radio host that can paint pictures with words to entertain your listeners. In this blog entry, we will take a gander at our main 10 different ways to be an extraordinary radio host.

1. Be Professional and Always on Time

professional, radio host

One of radio’s great perks is that you are heard, however never observed. Be that as it may, this doesn’t mean you should go to the workplace in your night wear.

Dressing pleasantly, unwinding before a show, and continually being on schedule makes you feel professional which gets noticed by other people, regardless of whether they can’t see you.

2. Paint Pictures with Words

Radio is remarkable, it’s the main medium where you paint pictures with words and it has unlimited conceivable outcomes that are just constrained to the audience’s creative ability.

Breath life into your shows with the intensity of narrating to draw in and move your listeners.

3. Speak, don’t read

Listeners tune in to presenters that recognize what they’re talking about, so it’s imperative to make time to examine the topics for up and coming shows or visitors you’ve welcomed on air.

To be an extraordinary radio host, it cannot be stressed enough to never appear fake. For example: reading an article directly before a show typically doesn’t make a good impression on the listeners, so take the time to become familiar with your content before sharing it live on the air.

4. Never be Racist, Sexist, or Belligerent!

This should really go without being said, however it’s extremely important that you show respect to make sure your listeners feel welcomed when following your show.

5. It’s OK to Laugh at Yourself

No need to be so serious all the time, figure out a way to be relatable by laughing at yourself as it lightens up the mood of the show and keeps it fun for everyone.

6. Network with Fellow Radio Hosts

Every host should provide shout outs to support each other. This allows for fan sharing and could benefit both parties. This does not only relate to live shows but extends to social media’s and any form of communication with others.

7. Be Active in Your Community

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Don’t simply discuss it, get out there and do it! Go outside and interact with the community. It’s an ideal method to become acquainted with locals that may be interested in your type of show, gets your name out there and best of all, provides you with new stories to share on air. Don’t be a stranger and build connections with the public.

8. Control Stress and Moods

Being live on air is not the most predictable of situations, regardless total chaos in the office or a furious listener yelling at you, it is your responsibility to remain calm and handle the mood and stress of the station. You are the “face” of the operation and cannot afford to let things get out of control.

9. Get on Social Media’s

It’s no longer enough to just be a host on a show in todays day and age. Constantly being active with your listeners on social media create a great way to engage with them. Take their feedback to make your shows better, use them to re-post for you to increase your reach hopefully gain a larger listener base.

10. Check the Game Tap

This doesn’t only apply to pro athletes. There is a lot you can learn from relistening to your shows. It will be reasonably apparent to find your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

When your done a show, try to go back and listen. Try and find what went well and more importantly, find the parts that did not go so well and find different ways to approach things that match your style.

Summary: 10 Ways to be an Extraordinary Radio Host

It’s easy to lose track of what is going on with your station. Here at we try to make it as painless as possible and let you deal with what matters. Be prepared before going on air, control what you can, meet new people, but most importantly you need to be yourself. People tuning in like hearing from real individuals.

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