5 Services casthost.net can be used for 2

5 Services casthost.net can be used for

Making your website accessible whether its been an individual or organisational website is what web hosting service is all about. Most companies tend to provide space on servers either owned or leased for use by clients with provision of data center space and internet connectivity maybe with the aim of providing details of their goods and services for online orders

Often times when we make use of these websites, we do it with the motive of expecting to get what we may want at the moment either in search of business news, entertainment news, fashion etc. Definitely you would want to achieve that through a site that provides you a cheap and affordable services also running on a daily basis.

Brace yourself because casthost .net is here for you with amazing packages like

Online radio stream

Heard of online radio stream? Well we’ve decided to make it easy for our clients to operate their online radio channel. With our unlimited bandwidths, we offer quality radio stream hosting services at prices that facilitate the operations of the online radio station. Our clients can now opt between Icecast and Shoutcast technology with clarity and quality in the programs we broadcast.

Super cPanel Hosting

We know our clients would always want to go for a no stress internet service. Here is it, easy to use control panel to help you manage your web hosting. It is a standalone product which makes it more efficient and less likely to fail our clients.

Packages listed below comes in handy with this service

  1. Unlimited diskspace
  2. Automatic backups
  3. Free domain
  4. One-click installer
  5. Unlimited email accounts

In addition, filelost is a thing of the past with our cpanel hosting. You can generate your own full or partial backups with cpanel. Hosting with panel also gives you an SEO optimisation gadgets and some basic tools for statistics gathering and traffic tracking.

Accessible data center and stable network

Of course our aim is to give a complete package with everything easy and accessible. However, providing our clients with stable network and data center is also paramount to us. And how do we intend to do this?We’ve decided to upgrade our data center by using:

  1. a medium voltage distribution
  2. A four 10 megawatts feeds
  3. 2N power available
  4. A diverse path for substation

As well as stable network with:

  1. Diverse fiver paths into building
  2. 21 carriers and growing
  3. On net transport to meet major global cities

Registering of domain

It’s also our responsibility to help you with registering of your domain so you can as well reach us. We’ll show you how to register your domain and also choose the best domain that reaches to most people.

Easy Transfer of domain names

However, you can always move to a new domain if you are not satisfied with your choice. Casthost is here to help you achieve this at a lower renewal rate.

As seen, detailed documentations with various problem solution is a just small glimpse of what casthost.net has to offer. We do more than web hosting, services that makes you successful is what we provide.

Ready to create your account and start streaming with us follow this link to get started now https://portal.casthost.net/register.php

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